The mission of John Hay Football is to rescue and transform lives.

It is our expectation that every player on our team attends college regardless of their athletic ability.  Therefore, we have put together a college planning timeline that begins in August of their freshman year and ends after they graduate John Hay High School.  (See the attachment at the bottom of the page.)

If a student-athlete desires to pursue an athletic career in college, they should still follow our college planning timeline as well as be mindful of all NCAA regulations.  A link to the NCAA eligibility center can be found by clicking this link:  NCAA Eligibility Center  

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NOTE: The video is over 65 minutes long. It is recommended that you view the video in three 20 minute segments. 
Here is the outline of the video linked above:

- Three Rules of Being a Parent
- Scholarship Myths and Facts
- NAIA and JUCO Education
- Scholarships, Do They Differ?
- The Name Game
- Negotiate / Cooperative Education / Saving for College
- Protect Your Amateurism
- Dangers of Social Networking and Cell Phones
- National Letter of Intent
- NCAA / NAIA Eligibility Centers
- Recruiting Services
- NCAA Core Course Requirements

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